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Student loans

Get the money you need to pursue higher education

Our partnership with ISL Education Lending can help you get the private loans you need to pay for your degree.


Trusted source

Our partners at ISL Education have decades of experience offering affordable student loans so you can rely on their expertise and history of leading students to success.


Competitive rates

You may qualify for a lower interest rate on your student loan, saving you more than you would with a loan through another financial institution or lender.


Easy application

You can apply for a student loan online, at your convenience so you can start financing your higher education.


Flexible repayment options

Thanks to the multiple repayment options, you can find a term that fits your schedule and budget so you can repay successfully.



You could qualify for scholarship opportunities through Heartland, meaning you can pay for a higher education with less loan funds.


Loan options for everyone

Both undergraduate and graduate students can take out student loans, as well as parents who wish to help fund their child's education.

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Come meet our amazing team. As a trusted credit union in the area, we can help you find personal loans in Wisconsin, including holiday loans, that match your needs.

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Trusted source

Access an affordable student loan through a reliable organization

At Heartland Credit Union, we want to provide the best resources for our members, including student loan options. That is why we have partnered with the non-profit ISL Education Lending to provide you or your student affordable student loans with flexible term and repayment options. Apply for a loan today and see how easily you can fund your education.

Apply for a student loan

I live 300 miles north of Madison and the entire loan was accomplished via electronic transactions. It was a pleasant new experience.

— Thomas H., South Range, Member Since 1977

How it works

Fund your higher education in a few simple steps.

  • 1

    Complete an application

    Complete an application online with ISL Education Lending in a matter of minutes.

  • 2

    Get approved

    Your application will be reviewed and you will quickly receive a notification of your approval.

  • 3

    Pay for your education

    Once your application is approved, use the funds to pay for qualifying college expenses such as tuition, supplies, and more.

Invest in your future with a great education

A college education can help you succeed in life. With a student loan, you can finance your academic journey to success. See how ISL Education Lending can help.

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