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Mastercard® credit card

Make purchases, save money, and earn rewards

With a Heartland Credit Union rewards Mastercard® credit card, the low rates and $0 annual fee help you save money. Digital banking makes managing your balance easy and convenient.

Today's Mastercard credit card rates

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As low as % APR*
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Immediate purchasing power

You can make a purchase any time even if you don't have the money in your checking account. This is helpful when you're between paychecks and don't want to dip into your savings.


Low rate and no annual fee

There is no annual fee to own this card, and with a lower rate than other credit card options, you can save money on interest charges.


Scorecard Rewards

Whenever you swipe this card for your everyday purchases, you can earn points to redeem for gift cards, travel services, electronics, and more.

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Digital Wallet

Add this card to your digital wallet and use it to make contactless payments with your phone at your favorite merchants.


Overdraft protection

You have an option to attach this card to your checking account to cover purchases that exceed your checking balance, protecting you from overdraft fees.


Fraud protection

Your Mastercard credit card gives you access to our robust card control app, SecurLOCK Equip, filled with features to manage and protect your card activity when you're on the go.

SecurLOCK Equip Card Controls
Scorecard Rewards

Receive more for making purchases

With a Heartland Mastercard credit card, you can earn reward points on every purchase. Redeem them for special experiences, name-brand electronics, travel services, gift cards, concert and sports tickets, or even donate your points to non-profit organizations to help others.

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My husband and I are both on disability, yet we’re treated with the same respect as members with way more money! I can't say that happens to me often... Thank you!

— Ann H., Merrimac, Member Since 2020

How it works

Apply and qualify for a Mastercard credit card in a few easy steps.

  • 1

    Apply online

    You can apply using our quick and easy online application.

  • 2

    Get approved

    We will review your application and notify you of your approval, often on the same day you apply.

  • 3

    Use your card

    Once you receive your card, begin making purchases and earning reward points.

Enjoy a versatile credit card experience

With competitive rates, digital banking access, and rewards for purchases, you'll enjoy the differences of a Heartland Mastercard credit card.

Mastercard Phone Numbers

Lost or Stolen
Mastercard Debit/Credit Cards

(833) 933.1681 – inside the U.S.
(812) 647.9794 – outside the U.S.
Call “collect” — the risk department will accept the charges.

Activation and PIN

Card activation & PIN change
(833) 925.2932

Card PIN change – international
1 (859) 488-4132

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  • *APR is Annual Percentage Rate. Non-promotional current rates will be applied to all purchases and cash advances. This is a variable rate program. APRs are tied to the Prime Rate as published in the Wall Street Journal (8.50% as of July 26, 2023), plus or minus a margin, and could be as low as 13.50% or as high as 18.00%. Your actual rate is based on credit history. Payments shall be applied to the balance with the highest interest rate first.

    Click here to read the Mastercard Application & Solicitation Disclosure.

Phone Call Scams: Scammers are calling members pretending to be Heartland employees. We will never call asking for one-time pass-codes or debit/credit card numbers! Contact us