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Earn dividends on your savings and achieve financial goals

With higher dividend rates, flexible terms, and add-on options, you could grow your savings faster with a certificate at Heartland.

14 Month Special

Minimum Deposit: $5000
Rates: As high as 4.65%
Term: 14 months

Estimate Your Earnings

Regular & IRA Certificates

Minimum Deposit: $500
Rates: As high as 2.75%
Term: 3-60 months

Estimate Your Earnings

Account Features


Flexible terms

You can select a certificate for terms ranging from 3 months to 5 years.


Earn higher dividends

Earn higher dividends on a certificate than other savings account options. You'll earn more in a shorter amount of time.


Flexible dividend options

You have options on how to receive the dividends from your certificate. You can have a check mailed directly to you or have dividends deposited back into your certificate or another account.


Deposit IRA funds

IRA certificates are a smart and safe way to grow your retirement savings.


Add-on certificates available

Most certificate options do not allow for more deposits once the savings term starts but Heartland offers an add-on certificate option that allows you to add funds to your balance as it grows.


Low minimum balance requirements

Open a Heartland certificate with as little as $500 and start earning more on your balance right away.

Flexible terms

Choose how long to grow your funds

You may have a short-term financial goal that you want to save for, or perhaps you want to grow your money for an extended period. With certificate options from 3 months or 5 years, choose a term that helps meet your goals on your timeline.

Open a Certificate Account
pile of money

I've belonged to credit unions for many years. Joining Heartland was quick and easy. I look forward to HCU meeting my needs here in Wisconsin.

— Alan H., Tempe, Member Since 2020

How it works

Start your next savings venture in a few simple steps.

  • 1

    Open a certificate

    Compare certificate options and select the term you desire.

  • 2

    Make initial deposit

    Deposit funds to open the certificate.

  • 3

    Earn dividends

    Dividends will be credited to your account or mailed to you quarterly, based on your selection.

Earn more for your future

With competitive rates, flexible terms, and multiple options to receive or save dividends, a certificate from Heartland can help you earn more in a shorter amount of time.

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