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Securely save for your future

By saving now, you can enjoy a comfortable retirement later. Select an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) to help you meet your future financial needs.

Today's IRA rates

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As high as % APY*


As high as % APY*

Tax-advantaged contributions

Pick the IRA that suits your needs. Heartland offers Traditional, Roth, SEP, and Coverdell ESA Savings accounts and certificates.


Better rates

You can earn higher dividends on IRA certificates to save even more towards your future retirement.


Guaranteed returns

With IRA certificates and savings account options your deposits are always safe not matter how the market behaves, which gives you more peace of mind for your future.


No minimum opening balance

You can open an IRA Savings with an initial deposit of your choice so you can get started saving right away.


No fees

Focus on saving for retirement without worrying about fees. Heartland does not charge minimum balance fees or monthly service fees on our IRA savings accounts.


Retirement Central

Through our IRA partner Ascensus, we offer Retirement Central where you can find a plethora of information about IRA's and saving for retirement

Estimate your savings

Let's see how much you could save!

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No minimum to open and no fees

Stop waiting and start saving

Heartland Credit Union is a great place to begin your retirement savings. There is no annual fee or minimum balance requirement to open an IRA Savings at Heartland.

Open an IRA

My advice to members: It's never too late to start! Whether that's building your credit, saving for retirement or your children's college. Just start doing it.

— Norma S., Struck St., Employee Since 2016

How it works

Find the right plan to start saving for retirement today.

  • 1

    Open an account

    You can open a retirement account online or speak with one of our representatives to select the IRA type that works best for you.

  • 2

    Make contributions

    Set up automatic deposits to grow your retirement savings to prepare for your future expenses.

  • 3

    Look to the future

    Watch your account grow and once you reach the federal retirement age you can start taking distributions to pay for your expenses.

Look forward to the future with the right plan

With many retirement savings options and resources, it's a great time to start saving for retirement with Heartland Credit Union.

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With higher dividend rates, flexible terms, and add-on options, you could grow your savings faster with a certificate at Heartland.

Money Market Accounts

Enjoy the benefits of high dividend rates, no fees, unlimited access to your funds, and convenient online access among other great features.

Health Savings Accounts

When your insurance does not cover expenses related to surgeries, prescriptions, treatments, and more, a Health Savings Account (HSA) can help you fill in the gaps.

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