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Round Up Savings

Use your debit card to help you save!

Grow your savings while using your debit card and earn higher dividends than a regular savings account.

Today's Round Up Savings rates

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$0 - $1,000

% APY*

$1,000.01 - $5,000

% APY*
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High dividends

Round Up Savings rates are much higher on balances up to $5,000* than other savings programs.

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Easy to participate

You don’t have to do anything different than use your debit card for everyday purchases for your savings to add up.

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Liquid funds

Enjoy flexibility - withdraw money as needed or leave the money in the account to earn more interest.

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Easy to manage

View balance and transfer out of your Round Up Savings in digital banking.

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Use your Digital Wallet

Put your Heartland debit card in your digital wallet and make purchases with your phone to help build up your Round Up Savings.


Easy to get started

It doesn’t require much effort to start when you sign up through digital banking or the Digital Branch.

Estimate your savings

Let's see how much you could save!

Final Balance

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Savings made easy

It's so simple to build your savings!

Use your debit card for everyday purchases in-person, online, or via your digital wallet the same way you always do. We round up your purchase total to the nearest dollar then deposit that difference into your Round Up Savings account. It's automatic and makes saving super easy.

Open a Round Up Savings Account
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I think the Round Up Savings account is great for members because it is a natural way to save without having to try. You'll never notice the extra cents leaving your account and it adds up quickly!

— Joshua S., Park Street, employee since 2021

How it works

You can build savings easily when you open a Round Up Savings account. Follow these simple steps.

  • 1

    Open a checking account

    Follow links to open a Heartland Checking account or skip to #2 if you already have one.

  • 2

    Open Round Up Savings

    Follow the links to open a Round Up Savings account - we'll connect it to your checking.

  • 3

    Purchase with your debit card

    Use your Heartland debit card for all your purchases in-person, online or via your digital wallet and watch your savings grow!

High rate savings accounts

Earn up to 10%APY!*

Round Up Savings balances up to $1,000 earn 10% APY* and after that your balance up to $5,000 earns 5%APY*.

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Saver's Sweepstakes

With each $25 deposit, you can build your savings, earn dividends, and receive entries in monthly, quarterly, and annual drawings for cash prizes.

Heartland Checking

We make daily account management easier with a checking account that saves you money, from unlimited debit card transactions to free digital banking.

  • *APY is Annual Percentage Rate. When a debit purchase is made with a Heartland debit card, the transaction is rounded up to the nearest dollar, and the increased amount is then transferred to the Round Up Savings account. For example, a $1.75 charge will result in a $0.25 transfer (if no other transactions post on the same day.) Posting amounts ending in .00, round up a full dollar. For example, a $10.00 charge will result in a $1.00 transfer (if no other transactions post on the same day.)  Round up transfers will be made for signature-based purchases, PIN based POS purchases, and online purchases/transactions. One transfer of all calculated funds will be made each day. Round up transfers will not cause the account to post a negative balance or post below available funds. Partial transfers may be allowed.  There will be no catch-up transfers. If the transfer can’t happen on Monday then Monday’s transactions never get rounded up. If there is money again on Tuesday then Tuesday’s transactions will round up. Heartland reserves the right to cancel or modify the Round Up Savings Program at any time. Un-enroll from this program by calling 1-800-362-3944, visiting a Heartland branch, or emailing You may un-enroll from this program by calling us at 1-800-362-3944, emailing us at, or by visiting one of our branches.


    For other important information concerning your account(s), please review our Truth In Savings Disclosure.