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Savings accounts

Where your wealth management begins

Putting hard-earned dollars aside for the future is a worthwhile venture, and with a Heartland membership savings account, you can start or continue your saving habit today.


Earn dividends

Earn dividends on your savings balance over $100, allowing your savings to build faster.


Overdraft protection

You can link your savings account to your checking account and use the funds to help cover large purchases that exceed your checking balance, protecting you from overdraft fees.

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Withdraw anytime

With no withdrawal limits, you can easily and quickly have access to your funds anytime you need them.

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Digital banking

Make transfers and manage your account from your phone or computer, saving valuable time and energy.


Automatic deposits

You can set up a regular deposit schedule to make saving almost effortless. Choose an amount and frequency and watch your balance grow.


Membership "dues"

When opening an account at Heartland, the first $5 of your savings balance is your membership share. This makes you an owner of the cooperative and allows you access to all credit union services and benefits.

Earn dividends

Save more each month, effortlessly

Here at Heartland, we want you to see the rewards of your saving habit. That is why we offer dividends on balances of $100 or more, so the more you deposit in your account, the more your savings can grow.

Open a Savings Account
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The staff talked with me about my savings goals. They spent a lot of time getting me all set up with a new account. I’m really excited about being a member of Heartland!

— Jane A., Verona, Member Since 2022

How it works

Heartland offers members access to a great savings account experience in a few easy steps.

  • 1

    Open an account

    Complete an online or in-person application at one of our branches.

  • 2

    Make initial deposit

    With as little as just $5, you can make your initial deposit and your account is ready to hold your everyday savings.

  • 3

    Save for the future

    Make intermittent or regular, automatic deposits and start reaching your savings goals.

We help you to achieve your short and long-term financial goals

With a Heartland savings account, you're better prepared to meet current obligations, and to address the future needs of those who count on you.

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