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GAP - Guaranteed Asset Protection

Protect your finances from a worst-case vehicle scenario

With a lower cost and greater coverage than competing options, Heartland can help cover financial losses you may face if your car is stolen, totaled, or badly damaged in an accident.


Deductible reimbursement

You can still receive coverage even if your vehicle is not totaled in an accident. Up to $500 of your deductible can be covered per occurrence for the first 3 years.


GAP Advantage

In the event of a Total Loss, Constructive Total Loss, or Unrecovered Theft to the Eligible Collateral, you may be eligible to receive an additional credit from us when you finance through Heartland Credit Union.


Lower cost

Heartland offers the same or greater coverage than what other financial institutes can offer, often for a lower price, saving you money.


Could cover up to $50,000 in losses

With Guaranteed Asset Protection, you receive the difference between your car's value and how much you owe on the vehicle loan, up to $50,000, to help you buy a replacement.


Claims managed by Heartland

We can help gather documents and start the claim process to save you time and stress while you determine what vehicle replacement options you want to explore.


Cost rolled into loan

You can avoid two separate payments by adding the cost of Guaranteed Asset Protection into your loan's monthly payment.

Deductible reimbursement

Save money on your deductible after an accident

Although GAP coverage is great for covering vehicle theft or a total loss, it can also help you if your car can still be repaired. Up to $500 of your collision insurance deductible can be covered for each instance for up to 3 years. This can usually cover the initial GAP coverage cost and save on your deductible while you focus on getting your car repaired.

Add GAP to Auto Loan
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We appreciated how nice Greg was and that he took the time to get us the best rate possible. We would definitely consider Heartland for our future loan needs.

— Carla B., Darlington, Member Since 2018

How it works

Give your vehicle and your personal finances further protection in a few steps.

  • 1

    Accept or request GAP coverage

    At the time of your loan closing, accept the offer to add Guaranteed Asset Protection or fill out our form.

  • 2

    Speak with us

    Work with one of our experienced lenders to determine which level of coverage you want.

  • 3

    Enjoy the protection

    Experience peace of mind knowing your vehicle has additional protection to help you in the unfortunate event of an accident or theft.

Give your vehicle the best protection possible

With Guaranteed Asset Protection, costs that arise from a vehicle theft or major accident are covered so you can find a replacement vehicle faster.

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