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Money Market accounts

Save faster with an account that you can access at any time.

Our Money Market accounts allow you to enjoy the benefits of high rates, no fees, unlimited access to your funds, convenient online access, and more.

Today's Rates

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Platinum Money Manager

As high as % APY*

Heartland Money Market

As high as % APY*

Higher dividends

Enjoy higher rates to help your savings grow faster for your unique goals.


Unlimited access

You can access your funds whenever you need them since there is no limit on the number of withdrawals allowed.


Digital banking

You can check your balance and make transfers using digital banking for easier account management.


No fees

Heartland doesn't charge a maintenance fee so you can focus more on building your savings.


Guaranteed returns

Rest assured that your savings are protected and will always earn dividends.


Rate increases

It pays to make regular deposits. The more your balance grows, the faster your money can move into a higher rate tier, meaning higher dividends.

Estimate your savings

Let's see how much you could save!

Final Balance

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Higher dividends

More opportunities for your money to grow

Open a high rate Money Market account for an effortless savings experience. With competitive rates, the more your balance increases, the sooner you can move into a higher interest rate tier, making it possible for your savings to increase exponentially.

Open a Money Market Account

As financial institutions go, HCU is tops in my book. I wouldn't be where I am today without them. At this point I know plenty of employees by name and they know me. I love it.

— Abraham W., Edgerton, Member Since 2008

How it works

You can start growing your funds quickly in a few short steps.

  • 1

    Open an account

    You can apply online or in-person at one of our branch locations.

  • 2

    Deposit regularly

    The more you deposit the faster your balance will grow and earn higher dividends.

  • 3

    Let balance grow

    Earn higher rates on higher account balances to receive more dividends.

You can't lose with an account that guarantees returns

Open a Money Market account with Heartland and see how you can save more for your financial goals.

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