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Health Insurance

Personal & Group Health Plans

Individuals and small businesses can now secure affordable medical insurance coverage you and your employees need through our I-Care Health Plan!


Personalized options

An exclusive healthcare solution available for members of Heartland Credit Union.


Enroll anytime

Any month of the year our partners can review your options (well before your next renewal) and can walk you through a mid-year change.


Network options

A nationwide network of doctors and pharmacies offers you complete coverage.


Individual or business coverage

Personal Health Insurance or Group Healthcare for businesses with less than 20 employees.

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All types of businesses

Plans are available for independent contractors, self-employed, and small businesses.


Individual healthcare coverage

Competitive and unlimited major medical coverage for individuals.

Healthcare Insurance Coverage

Affordable and accessible solutions to healthcare

Health insurance is essential when it comes to ensuring a physically and financially healthy future. Feel secure knowing that you can get the medical services you need while also avoiding costly bills through our I-Care Health Plan!

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I-Care Health Plan Consultant

Ken Meyer

Licensed Agent, Employee Benefits Executive

Phone: (414) 409-7332


3 easy steps to quality health insurance

Heartland members and small business owners who do not have access to a competitive health plan can follow these simple steps to receive customized rates!

  • 1

    Complete a secure and confidential Personal Health Questionnaire

    In only 10 minutes, you can complete a no-obligation online Personal Health Questionnaire to receive free health plan options and quotes.

  • 2

    Review plans and rates

    Once your health questionnaire is reviewed, our licenced consultant will contact you to review the available rates and plans.

  • 3

    Choose your plan and get enrolled

    After reviewing options, choosing your plan, and enrolling, you will receive your new health plan card.

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How much could you save?

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  • We can evaluate a variety of networks and you can choose the network that has the best coverage availability for you, your family, and/or your employees.

  • Yes, our partners help their clients review all options well before their next renewal and can walk you through a mid-year change.

  • You will need to complete a health questionnaire for us to determine the cost and options.

    Once a health questionnaire is completed, our consultant will contact you to discuss your options.

  • No, this is a more competitive and alternative option to the Affordable Care Act.

  • You can apply anytime by completing a healthcare questionnaire on our website or we can have our consultant contact you.

    You can enroll any month of the year.