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Mechanical Breakdown Insurance

Protect yourself from unexpected vehicle breakdown costs

With Mechanical Breakdown Protection (MBP) you can have mechanical breakdown costs covered, even if you are still paying off your vehicle.


Cover mechanical breakdown issues

You can trust that unexpected out-of-pocket costs for breakdown repairs can be paid by your MBP plan.


Multiple tier coverage

When you choose from different levels of mechanical breakdown coverage you'll only pay for the protection you want.



When selling your vehicle coverage can be transferred to the new owner, making your vehicle even more valuable on the market.


Hassle-free cancellation

Receive a prorated refund if you cancel coverage so you do not have to pay for coverage you no longer use.


Add to existing loan

It's easy to change to a different level of coverage or add protection even after the loan is finalized.


Combine cost

Your MBP cost can be rolled into your auto loan so you do not need to keep track of two separate payments.

Mechanical breakdown coverage

Avoid out-of-pocket expenses

Having vehicle breakdown issues is difficult enough but you can avoid paying for covered repair expenses on your own with Heartland's Mechanical Breakdown Protection.

Request coverage now

I was surprised that since I had previous vehicle loan at Heartland they were able to use existing information and approve my new truck loan in less than 5 minutes!

— Tom D., Darlington, Member Since 2000

How it works

You can add protection for your vehicle by following three basic steps.

  • 1

    Call us

    Call and speak to one of our representatives to start the process.

  • 2

    Learn and compare

    With one of our representatives, learn about the various coverage options and determine which option meets your needs.

  • 3

    Select your coverage

    After calling us and comparing the options, select the Mechanical Breakdown Protection (MBP) plan that you desire.

See how you can get more complete coverage

Call one of our representatives today and find out what coverage options your newly purchased vehicle qualifies for and start protecting yourself from unexpected costs.