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Learn about finances in a new, entertaining way

With over 300 lessons, you can learn a variety of financial literacy topics through games and earn real rewards such as gift cards to a number of vendors.



As a Heartland member, you can learn and play on Zogo for no additional cost, making financial education more accessible than ever.


Fun to play

Each game incorporates different levels and daily challenges, making the app a fun, engaging experience.


Earn real rewards

With Zogo you can earn as you learn. When you complete lesson modules, refer friends, and gather points, you can earn gift cards to some of your favorite stores.


Available on any device

Download Zogo on any Android™ or iOS® device so you can learn and play on all your devices.


Variety of lessons

Whether you're a new homeowner, someone starting a business, or simply want to learn more about personal finance, Zogo has games that focus on dozens of topics.



Show your friends how much you are learning with the Zogo app. You can compete against others and see where you all rank on the leaderboard.

Real-life rewards

Earn more for investing in your financial education

With Zogo, learning about finances is both fun and rewarding. The more time you spend completing daily lessons, challenges, and referring your friends, the more chances you have to earn points. The more points you earn, the sooner you can trade these points for gift cards to dozens of your favorite stores and businesses.

Download Zogo

It’s exciting to be a part of new and innovative projects. Heartland continually works on ways to improve financial education with fresh new ideas, like Zogo.

— Daniel M., High Crossing, employee since 2018

How it works

Using Zogo for your personal financial education is easier than you think.

  • 1

    Download the app

    Download the Zogo on your mobile device and click Get Started.

  • 2

    Sign up

    Enter profile info, verify your account and enter the code "Heartland".

  • 3

    Learn and earn

    Find lessons and play games on topics you want to learn about and earn points for real-life awards.

Learning personal finance is fun with Zogo

Who said financial education is not fun? With the ability to compete against friends and earn gift cards for completing challenges, you can have a more informed financial future while having fun.

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