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12 Great Part Time Summer Jobs for Teens and Students – Make Some Extra Cash

Finding excellent part-time summer jobs suitable for students and teenagers is not difficult if you know where to look. 

Here is a great list to help you get started.

1. Lifeguard


Image source: RawPixel

Teens who enjoy swimming and are physically strong may want to take on the challenge of lifeguarding as summer employment.

If this is something you would like to give a shot, you’ll need to do some planning because the job opportunity requires CPR certification, basic water rescue training, and you need to be over 15 years old. 

While lifeguarding requires professionalism and comes with significant responsibility, it is highly rewarding. Besides working in an incredibly fun environment, lifeguarding helps you build confidence and improve your decision-making skills. Plus, you can earn around $10 hourly. However, in many places, this is a temporary position but may still offer flexible hours. 

2. Camp Counselor

Camp Counselor

Image Source: Pixabay

If you enjoy hiking, camping, and generally spending time outdoors, you’ll probably like the idea of being a camp counselor.

There is no shortage of summer camps tailored for different types of activities, so it should be pretty easy to find something that works for you. 

This summer job may require you to watch over groups of young children for several days or even weeks away from their parents, so it’s best to keep that in mind. You can expect to earn an average pay of approximately $9 per hour.

3. Movie Theater Worker

Movie Theater Worker

Image Source: RawPixel

Working in a movie theater tops the list of fun part-time summer jobs for teens that enjoy free (or almost free) movies. 

Theaters usually need more hands in the summer because that’s typically the blockbuster season. As a movie theater worker, you will be expected to usher patrons, serve popcorn, take tickets, or clean up after moviegoers. 

You’ll earn a steady paycheck, and if you impress your employer, you could get hired every summer. 

4. Landscaping 


Image Source: RawPixel

Put your lawn mowing skills to work during the summer and make up to $12 per hour on average working for a professional company. You can even make more money if you launch your own lawn service. 

If you’re thinking of offering landscaping services on your own, you will need to go beyond trimming or mowing lawns to planting trees and bushes as well as gardening. In this case, you should already have the necessary lawn care experience and the right tools.

Thankfully, gaining experience only takes helping out dad and mom in the backyard.

5. Golf Caddy

Golf Caddy

Image source: Pexels

A golf caddy is perfect for teens that love to spend a lot of time outdoors and is definitely one of the more profitable part-time summer jobs students can do. 

You will need a basic understanding of the game of golf in addition to the ability to endure a little bit of physical stress. That’s because you’ll do a lot of walking while carrying a bag full of golf clubs.

But here’s why a golf caddy is an attractive proposition for most teens; the pay usually somewhere around $50 to $100, and you can even earn up to $120, depending on the golf course. Plus, you might be lucky to get tips from more generous golfers. 

6. Pool Cleaner

Pool Cleaner

Image Source: RawPixel

You shouldn’t have any problem finding a pool cleaning job during the summer because every homeowner will need someone to help them maintain their pools. 

It is best to work for a pool-cleaning company to make things easier for you. That way, you won’t have to worry about the cost of buying cleaning equipment. 

The pay can start from minimum wage up, depending on your clients and the city. The good thing is that if you show great attention to detail and do a thorough job, you will get plenty of solid references to keep you busy all through summer.

7. Plant and Pet-Sitter


Image Source: Pixabay

Many homeowners like to vacation during summer. The problem is they most likely won’t be traveling with their pet and plants. You can leverage that and rake it extra money if you plan on spending the entire summer close to home.  

If you’re looking to take on a part time job as a plant- or pet-sitter, you should already have ample experience with cats, dogs, and other household animals. 

The average pay is in the vicinity of $13 per hour, but you should first draw up a contract detailing your duties before taking on the job. 

8. Zoo Worker

Zoo Worker

Image source: Pixabay

Do you love animals? Land a job working at your local zoo in the summer to get a closer look at different animals.

The zoo environment offers a great experience and decent pay (approximately $11 per hour), although teen zoo workers are not expected to get too close to the animals. 

9. Retail Salesperson

Teens can earn between $11 and $13 per hour working retail, with access to store discounts in some cases. If you are good with people or want to improve your people skills, a part time retail job is a great way to go about it. 

Duties can include stocking shelves, operating a cash register, product demonstration, and more. You might need to work during weekends and holidays, too.

10. Babysitter


Image Source: RawPixel

Babysitting comes easy for some teens, particularly those great with younger children. You could earn up to $15 per hour during summer when most working parents need someone to keep an eye on their kids.

Babysitting is a great choice if you’re hoping to pursue a career in social work, childcare, or teaching, making it one of the part time summer jobs with long-term benefits for students.

11. Tutor


Image Source: Pixabay

Here’s another part time job that can give students who aspire to be teachers a headstart. If you are good at a particular subject, you can tutor younger kids in summer school. 

The pay starts from around $15 and can increase depending on your experience and level of work.

12. Handyperson

It is common for homeowners to complete home improvement projects during summer. That means you can easily find neighbors that are willing to hire you for a part-time job. 

The tasks can include laying new walkways, painting fences, or other services that could bring in decent cash in the range of $10 to $15 per hour. 

Featured image source: Unsplash