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Ideas to Help Kids Earn Money – 7 Fun Ways Kids Can Earn Money

Teaching kids how to manage money is much easier if they are earning money on their own. While an allowance can be a useful tool for teaching kids the importance of saving, smart spending, and budgeting, it is much more effective if they are not being given the money by their parents. 

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways that kids can earn money on their own. Not only will earning money teach kids good financial habits, it will build their confidence and teach them the value of hard work. 

Even before a kid is legally able to apply for their first part time job, they can still earn money in a variety of ways. Some of these ways to earn money will also nurture an entrepreneurial sprit that will help them later in life. 

Earning money can also be tied to setting goals. Help a kid come up with a financial goal. Working to achieve that goal will be something that sticks with them throughout their entire life.

Below you will find 7 fun and practical ideas that will help kids earn money.

1. Sell Their Old Toys With a Yard Sale 

Kids can have a difficult time parting with their old belongings. Even if it is something they no longer use, they still have an attachment to things they have outgrown. 

A yard sale can be a great opportunity to show kids how they can let go of things they no longer need. The money they earn from selling their old items will not just teach them how to let go of things, it will also teach them how to sell something for profit. 

Let the kid set their own prices and keep the money they make from selling it. Yard sales can be a really fun way to earn some money. Setting and negotiating prices will be something the kid remembers for a long time to come.

2. Clean and Detail Cars


Washing cars can be a really fun way to earn a bit of extra money in the summer. Not only can it be done outside, there are countless potential customers out there. Everybody likes having a clean car, but not everyone has the time to clean their vehicle. 

Cleaning cars for cash will teach any kid valuable lessons about entrepreneurship. They can learn how to get customers, how to set prices, and how to work for money.

3. Do Yard Work For Money

Mowing lawns is one of the oldest jobs for kids in the book. While this can be a great source of income for kids, they can also expand their offerings to include weeding, hedge trimming, and watering.

Yard work lets a kid come up with a menu of services. If someone just wants his or her lawn mowed, the kid can charge a certain rate. However, if they want their lawn weeded before being mowed, they can charge more for that service.

4. Walk and Wash Dogs

Most kids love dogs, so why not turn that into a fun source of income. Plenty of people have dogs, but lack the time to take them for the long walks they deserve. While a kid is off for summer holidays, they can offer to take a neighbor’s dog for daytime walks. This works for all parties, the kid earns some extra income, the owner feels better knowing their dog is getting some exercise, and the dog will love the extra walks and attention.

A kid could even charge more to give the dog a bath. All you need is some warm water and baby shampoo and away you go with your dog washing service.

If it is okay with the parents, the kid can also make even more money by offering pet sitting services. Some pet owners cannot afford to put their pets up in a kennel, which prevents them from going on vacation. Having a responsible kid look after their pet can be another win-win situation.

5. Sell Baked Goods

If a kid learns how to bake, they can easily go door to door selling their freshly baked goods. After all, who could say no to a plate of freshly baked cookies or brownies?

Baking can be a really fun hobby for kids. Learning how to monetize a fun hobby can be a great experience and life lesson. Kids can even offer a menu, or do custom orders for families in the neighborhood.

6. Begin Babysitting

Begin Babysitting


Babysitting is another one of those classic jobs for kids. There is a good reason why it has stood the test of time. Parents often need a helping hand and kids are more than willing to help out for a bit of spending money.

Not only can babysitting be fun, it will give the kid a real sense of responsibility. They can learn how to make lunches for younger kids, learn how to care for others, and most importantly, discover how giving up your time for money can be rewarding.

7. Officiating Rec League Sports

If a kid enjoys sports and also wants to make a bit of money, many leagues will allow older kids to coach the games of younger divisions. Some leagues will require kids to take referee courses to become qualified to officiate games.

This can be a valuable lesson in how investing time and money into an education can pay off in the future. It also allows the kid to make some money doing something they already enjoy. This can be something they continue to do as they get older. Even in college, there are plenty of opportunities to make money officiating sports.

The kid should officiate the sports they enjoy. Not only will it be more fun, they will learn more about the sport from the perspective of the officials. This will improve their own playing skills and make them more respectful towards referees in the future. Sometimes referees can get small tips from the parents.

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