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Digital Wallets

Leave the cards at home and enjoy a new way to pay

Add your Heartland credit and debit cards to your digital wallet to have your payment info in one mobile location. Then use your phone to make safe, fast payments at your favorite stores.


No lost or stolen cards

Rather than risk losing your card in a public area, leaving it at home on accident, or having it stolen, you can keep your card information safe on your phone.


Make purchases with your phone

No need to manage and carry around multiple cards everywhere you go. Now you can make payments at your favorite stores with the phone you already take everywhere.


Security features

With no physical cards, you are not at risk of having information stolen by card skimmers. Your device's biometric fingerprint or face recognition provides an even safer experience.

credit card icon

Compatible with debit and credit cards

Since you can add both debit and credit cards, using your digital wallet is like using a physical card, but with added security and convenience.


For more than debit or credit cards

Your digital wallet can provide protection with other important items such as park and event tickets, boarding passes, and more.


No damaged cards

Cut down on trips to the branch for a replacement card by reducing the amount of swipes you make with your card thanks to your digital wallet's contact-free payments.

Get started with Heartland cards

Load your digital wallet for easier spending

Don't have a Heartland credit or debit card yet? Get yours today then set yourself free from keeping track of cards by securing your payment information in your mobile device's digital wallet. Each time you use contactless payment at your favorite stores, you can trust that your information is safe.

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Customer paying for a purchase with a help of phone

As an employee AND a member I love our online banking! I can mobile deposit checks, check my balances, transfer money to friends and family, and so many other things!

— Lura W., Dodgeville, Employee Since 2022

How it works

You can start using digital wallet today in a few easy steps.

  • 1

    Download app

    Open or download a digital wallet app on your mobile device.

  • 2

    Register cards

    Once you sign in, you can add your credit and debit cards to the app.

  • 3

    Make purchases

    Use your phone to tap and pay at the register of your favorite merchants.

Change your shopping experience with Heartland

Add your Heartland payment cards to your digital wallet to make contact-free purchases using your smart devices, keeping your cards and card information safe from prying eyes.