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The Advantages of Having a Heartland Credit Union Business Account

Assisting the client to open a business account

It is important for entrepreneurs to find a financial partner that offers business banking solutions tailored to their needs. Many traditional banks fall short in this regard, with fees, policies, and services that are not aligned with the unique requirements of most local businesses. This is where Heartland Credit Union can help.

We take a client-focused and personalized approach to providing banking services to clients from various backgrounds and with different needs. If you are looking to open a business account, here’s how it works and what features you can enjoy.

Low Deposit Amount
Whereas many financial institutions require a large deposit to open an account, with us, it’s easy. A $5 deposit to a membership savings account is all you need. This amount makes you a member-owner in your very own local financial cooperative that serves South Central and Southwestern Wisconsin, along with parts of Northern Illinois and Iowa.

No Monthly Fees and Minimum Balance
Our business checking account has no minimum balance to maintain and no monthly maintenance fees. This allows you to focus more on managing your business funds and less on fees.

Card Controls
With our SecurLock Equip app, you can customize your Heartland debit and credit cards by:

  • Setting different types of transaction limits (credit union-wide limits apply)
  • Setting different types of merchants and transactions
  • Updating your spending locations
  • Temporarily deactivating your card when it’s out of your possession with a single swipe

Convenient Account Access
You can access your accounts from your laptop or phone with ease with Heartland’s robust mobile banking package, which includes:

  • Shared Access – Allow a non-signer (like an employee or a bookkeeper) access to your online accounts, with customizable access levels that you can set and edit at will.
  • External Transfers – Use your Heartland app to move funds back and forth between accounts at different financials.
  • Alerts – With our customizable alerts, you will never miss an important deposit or payment again or be caught unaware when your account is overdrawn.
  • Bill Pay – Keep track of your bills and pay your business’s expenses by having all of them in one place. Set up one-time or recurring payments, all for free. The merchant doesn’t accept electronic transfers? No problem! Heartland will cut the check and send it for you, all with the click of a button.
  • Budgets – Use our budgeting tools to categorize and track expenses.

Agriculture and Business Lending Program
With offices throughout Dane County extending to Dodgeville, Platteville, and Lancaster, we’re here to serve businesses big and small. We’re called Heartland for a reason. Our office is wherever you need us to be. You’re not just a number to us; we’re your financial teammates. We’re right there with you, in the branch, at the digital branch, and at your business.

We understand that your agricultural or commercial enterprise doesn’t always allow time for a visit to a branch so we offer digital loan signings and other convenient services. Understanding your business is our business.

While many larger banks require high minimum balances for loans, Heartland is here to help your small business get off the ground. Do you need a credit card for small expenses? Heartland has a credit card to fit your budget and your business’s needs.

Exceptional Customer Service
Every member is an owner of our financial cooperative. Whether you have $500 or $5 million, you’ll get the same care, respect, and service from our teams.

Appointments in the Office or at Home
With the launch of Heartland’s new digital branch, you can meet with a digital branch representative and work with an agent over a video chat in the branch, at home, or in your place of business.

Financial Wellness
Do you need help with your personal credit? Heartland has a team of Certified Financial Counselors ready to help you along your credit journey. Whether it’s a quick Q&A or ongoing financial coaching, we’re here to help. This is a free service for our members.

Heartland’s team of business lenders is here to help you with questions about starting your business and how to apply for and obtain credit. We also provide other resources in this area that can help you and add value to your business.

Merchant Processing
Heartland offers various merchant processing methods to help your business accept and process customer payments. From automatic deposits and multiple payment options to analytics, Heartland’s business services can improve your operations.

Personal and Group Health Care Plans Through I-Care
Individuals and small businesses can now secure affordable medical insurance coverage that you and your employees need through our I-Care Health Plan. This ensures you get access to the medical services you need while also avoiding costly bills.

Get Started

Talk to one of our representatives at Heartland Credit Union to learn more about the business banking solutions you need. We look forward to serving you.

Phone Call Scams: Scammers are calling members pretending to be Heartland employees. We will never call asking for one-time pass-codes or debit/credit card numbers! Contact us