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April 18, 2023

You’re a Super Star for keeping up with these weekly challenges to improve your financial life!! We’re already on week 16. And you just keep going forward, not afraid to take the next little step! If you missed any here are steps 1-15.

Just do one task per week and you’ll be on your way to having a handle on your financial life. You’ll be surprised how easy it is!

Let’s not delay and get to the next step!

Resolution #16

One thing you can count on in life is unexpected expenses. Just when you think you’ve got things under control, a proverbial fire flares up. It always flares up. Things like medical bills, car repairs, or home repairs are always right around the corner setting off your internal smoke alarm. The key is to clear the smoke and find your way through these incidents unscathed, Smoky Bear.

Besides unexpected expenses there are a couple of other reasons to establish and build an emergency savings account:

  • Job loss: In case of a job loss, an emergency savings account can help you pay your bills and cover your expenses until you find a new job.
  • Peace of mind: Knowing you have a financial cushion can reduce stress about your financial future.

When getting started you will need to determine two things:

  1. Your goal – how much you want to save up.
  2. What you WILL and WON’T use your emergency savings for. (This is very important, don’t skip this step!)

How much you should set as a goal for your emergency savings account depends on your expenses, income, and job stability. You should have three to six months’ worth of living expenses in an emergency fund, according to financial experts.

It’s important to note that this is just a general guideline, and your individual circumstances may require more or less than the recommended amount. For example, if you have a high-risk job or irregular income, you may want to aim for a larger emergency fund to provide additional security.

PS Once you open an emergency savings account and start regular automated deposits or transfers into the account, you’ll be surprised at how quickly it builds up, you’ll be prepared and feeling like your own hero, in no time.


Resolution #17

You are on a journey… yeesh, that term feels so yesterday, so rewind! You’re on an adventure to improve your finances and today is a good day, Strawberry Pie. Adventures are fun!

It’s been 16 weeks already – we’ve covered a lot of ground and taken lots of small but significant steps towards improving your financial situation. Let’s take a look at how to stay motivated while you’re working on goals. Here are some tips to keep the good times rollin’:

  1. Share goals with friends for accountability:  Surround yourself with people who support your goals and lift you up with encouragement and advice.
  2. Read success stories:  Join online communities or forums where people discuss personal finance and share tips and experiences to help you stay motivated during difficult times.
  3. Keep the end goal in mind:  Remember WHY you’re working to improve your finances. Revisit the specific financial goals you want to achieve, such as paying off debt, saving for a down payment, or building an emergency fund, and look at how far you’ve come!
  4. Make a visual representation of your progress: Create a vision board of your progress, such as a chart or graph, and display it in a prominent place in your home. Each time you hit a milestone, add a sticker or mark to the chart to celebrate your progress.

Staying motivated is how you’re going to reach the finish line.

PS We mentioned that last one way back in Resolution #4 when we set our financial goals. But did you do it, Martha Stewart? It’s a great excuse to get out the glitter pens, scissors, tape, wrapping paper scraps, and make that vision board to keep you motivated!


Resolution #18

Working to improve your finances is harrrrd. So make sure you celebrate each small win along the way, whether it’s paying off a credit card or saving a certain amount of money. Once you hit a milestone, even is it’s a little guy, reward yourself with a small indulgence that won’t break the bank. You deserve it, Vanilla Bean! Here are a few low cost ways to treat yourself when you deserve a mini celebration:

  1. Take a relaxing bath: Set aside some time to take a warm, relaxing bath with some bath salts or bubbles. You can even light some candles and play some soothing music to create a spa-like atmosphere.
  2. Cook a favorite meal: Whip up your favorite meal or try out a new recipe that you’ve been wanting to try. You can enjoy it with a glass of wine or your favorite beverage.
  3. Buy a new book: Curl up with a good book or a magazine that you’ve been wanting to read. Take some time to unwind and escape into a different world.
  4. Rent a movie: Stream a movie or TV show that you’ve been wanting to watch, and make some popcorn or your favorite snack to enjoy.
  5. Get an ice cream cone! Enjoy a scoop of your favorite frosty indulgence while taking a nice long walk. Fresh air is a reenergizer.
  6. Try yoga: Take some time to meditate or do yoga to relax and rejuvenate your body and mind. You can find free guided meditations and yoga videos online.

Recognizing progress can help keep you motivated and encourage you to keep going forward towards your goals!

PS Yeah, you’re not crazy – that last reward sounds like work. But some people like it!! And don’t knock it until you try it, Stretch., it could be YOU’RE next obsession! Namaste.


Resolution #19

Coming soon!

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